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How Optique is making "EYE-CARE" a service that everyone has access to - WIN with Optique!!!

Optique means "Optical" in French, a collective noun describing what the team at Optique do as Optometrists.

At Optique, they continually strive to make eye care more accessible and easier to understand. They make going to the optometrist interesting, exciting, professional, and their goal is to keep it that way.

They’ve so cleverly developed a brand image and brand concept that is easily accessible, affordable and unique in its offering! With over 22 branched nationwide, they have successfully assisted over 60 189 customers, and keep adding to that remarkable amount on a daily basis.

“We chose this as our name as we want to come back to the basics of our industry, to measure vision and correct using lenses (as we feel our industry has lost its way with buy one get one deals and pushing sales). Our logo also aligns with this moto, as it is a group of colourful prisms/triangles representing the basics of optics. The first thing you learn at school, is that when light moves through a prism, it breaks up into the 7 coluors of the rainbow, where all our colours in branding come from and represent diversity,” says CEO and Founder, Leon van Vuuren.

When it comes to South African demand for eye care, it can be considered quite unique, as 75% of people cannot afford proper eye care which is quite alarming. According to research, the average price of an eye test in South Africa is R550.00; therefore, if you earn R7500.00 per month, you are part of the top 10% wealthiest people. This means even then, to get your eyes tested, you have to pay 7% of your salary just to find out the status of your eye health. This is what inspired Leon, the CEO and Founder of Optique, to provide a radical alternative solution to South Africans and make eye care accessible.

So what makes Optique unique in its services? How do they define themselves apart from their competitors?

Leon van Vuuren, 33, CEO and Founder shares 5 reasons why Optique is unique in its business approach, and your go-to optometrists. REASON ONE: What makes us unique is that we only have 1 all-inclusive price. For any pair of glasses. Does not matter your prescription or lens type as determined by our optometrists. It includes a comprehensive eye test and ANY frame of your choice in the entire practice. No limitations. You know what to expect beforehand, guaranteed. No trickery, no-nonsense. REASON TWO: We have in-depth knowledge of our industry and cannot expect you to know what is best amongst the thousands of offerings in the market. That is why we do the homework for you and partnered with a single global leading supplier of spectacles lenses and contact lenses. This meaning WE DO NOT provide generic products but provide you with the best optics.

REASON THREE: We avoid manipulative design or sales practices that profit the company but erodes the community's trust. Having trusted Optique with your eye care, you can be assured that you have received the best possible eye care, at the best possible rate.

REASON FOUR: Our eye tests are definitely worth much more than R99, but the other 80% we do not charge is our way of giving our time, money, and talents to promote eye care awareness. By offering our professional services at only R99 in the private sector, we aim to honour our oath as primary health care providers in providing access to high-quality eye care for all.

REASON FIVE: As an inspired, proudly South African organization, we are aware of the struggles many faces to access quality healthcare, and even more so, quality eye care. Knowing the status of your vision and eye health is a basic human right. We know by promoting it we are contributing towards everyday activities that enable people to prosper at every stage of life and indirectly stimulate our country's education and economic position.

"We simply sell our products and services the way we, ourselves would like to buy or access it. There has been little to no innovation in our industry by means of the “how” and we believe it’s possible. Take Uber for instance, it’s still a taxi service, but they have changed the way you access and experience the industry, and by doing so increase the market size 10 fold. We hope to do the same for our industry,” adds Leon. Getting a new pair of glasses should be as simple as ordering a cup of coffee, and with Optique it’s as easy as doing just that with their in-store Costa coffee kiosks.

Whether it glasses, contact lenses or simply an eye health check-up, Optique is your one-stop shop for all your eye care needs.

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