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Introducing SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange.

SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange bursts onto the vodka scene, as the latest bold and refreshing addition to the SKYY® Vodka range.

SKYY® Vodka was crafted by a diverse collective of experts including a water sommelier, a chemist, and professional bartender. While other brands distill character out, SKYY has innovated by adding natural elements in, representing the forward-thinking mindset of San Francisco – the birthplace of our award-winning liquid.

Now made with water enhanced by minerals, including Pacific minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area, and filtered through California Limestone, the new twist to SKYY’s liquid is intended to enhance the mouthfeel and fresh taste of the vodka & soda. The result is a smooth, gluten-free and fresher tasting vodka that not only adds character to any cocktail, but also raises the bar on the vodka & soda.

Always quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered – including filtration through California Limestone – SKYY®'s liquid is encapsulated in a beautiful coastal blue bottle inspired by the natural elements of San Francisco.

SKYY Infusions® was created to capture the true flavour of the fruit, using only natural flavours during the infusion process. Infused ingredients are then mixed with SKYY® Vodka, resulting in a unique, fresh, and natural flavour experience. We have seen a wave of next generation citrus profiles, with blood orange gaining significant traction over the last few years, and SKYY® saw an opportunity to provide an innovative and robust new taste experience with SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange.

Easy and refined, but unpretentious – SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange is perfect for enjoying with good company and great food. The launch arrives just in time for the warmer spring and summer seasons, with slow, leisurely days on the horizon.

Nose: A clean citrus-forward vodka with a bright, bold aroma.

Palate: A bright mouth-watering blood orange flavour with a slight hint of berry.

SKYY® recommends the Golden Gate cocktail for your next sunset dinner party.


Like the San Francisco icon it’s named after, this cocktail boasts not only a beautiful colour but also bold, natural flavours that are both tangy and sweet. Perfect for dreamy sunsets.


1½ parts SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange

¾ parts Honey syrup*

¾ parts Lemon juice

3 parts Soda water

Cubed ice

*To make honey syrup, mix 600g honey with 384mL water until homogenous and then bottle.





Rosemary sprig or orange slice


Add the first three ingredients to tins and whip with a few cubes of ice.

Add soda to tin and pour into a Collins glass over ice.


SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange joins the SKYY®’s existing line of premium flavours which includes Citrus, Pineapple, Raspberry, Cherry, Passion Fruit and Peach.

For more information and updates on SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange, visit and follow the brand on Instagram: @skyyvodkasa and Twitter @skyyvodkasa


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