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It's time to be Energizing, Dazzling, Blazing & Flashy this Summer with Catrice's Neon Nail Range.

With Summer here, the energy, fashion trends and your mood change and the time to go bold with your style is NOW!

With its expressive neon colours and high-gloss finish, the Neon Blast Nail Polish range from CATRICE creates an intense statement look on the nails.

The biggest FLEX of this brand is that they have ZERO animal testing, alcohol free, oil free, no parabens, perfume free, VEGAN and ALL products are environmentally sustainable and harmless to your health. - BIG YEEEEEEEES FROM US!

The long-lasting nail polish is sure to turn your nails into real eye-catchers! Nail polish in expressive neon colours. Long-lasting high-gloss finish and they’re available in 4 shades!

Let's chat NEON Colours........

01 Energizing Yellow

02 Dazzling Orange

03 Blazing Coral

04 Flashing Pink

All available at Dischem at online at House of Cosmetics

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