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Jamie-Lee Domburg: A Radio Personality, Model, and Fashionista.


Jamie-Lee Domburg is a Mom, Radio & TV Personality, Model, and Fashionista who is making waves in South Africa. She is known for her bubbly personality on and off air, her love of fashion, and her commitment to giving back to her community.

Domburg grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and has always been passionate about the arts. She started her career as a dancer, and later moved into modelling, TV and Radio. She is currently a host on HeartFM Drive Time Show, where she shares her love of music and

entertainment with listeners across the country.

Domburg is also a passionate philanthropist. She is an ambassador for living with a purpose, an inspiration for us all to follow. Jamie-Lee Domburg is a rising star in the South African entertainment industry. She is an inspiration to women and girls everywhere, and is sure to

continue to make waves in the years to come.

In this lifestyle feature, we will take a closer look at Domburg's journey to success, her love of fashion, and her commitment to giving back to her community. We will also share some of her top winter fashion picks, and her favourite spot in Cape Town to enjoy a winter sundowner.

We hope you enjoy this feature on Jamie-Lee Domburg!


1. Can you share with us your journey of how you got into radio? What sparked your interest in this industry?

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to do radio, I just always loved the entertainment space from the get go, and it was always something that I had envisioned and manifested and prayed about, and I was just patient about it. So when I got into the TV industry, I had quite a few colleagues that I worked alongside who were already established in the Radio Niche, who always questioned me as to why I wasn't already in radio, and i remember always

replying, “One day i will do radio, when the time allows.” It then happened that Jeremy Harris, who is now my co-anchor or co-host on theDrive show, mentioned to me to come over and record a demo which I promptly did and then unfortunately Covid happened, and I heard absolutely nothing. Fast forward to a couple of months, post Covid, Robin Peters was hosting a show, and the station manager of Heart FM at the time, crossed paths with me and mentioned

that they would love to get me to come in and do a demo, and I was like, “I have already compiled demos'', and AGAIN I heard nothing! Fast forward two years later, I happened to go on a trip to KZN, with Expresso Morning Show, with the TV team, which was the same time that the Radio team was there, which just happened to be HeartFM, I managed to get back on their radar, and a few days later, I received a call to say that they wanted me to come in, so I feel like it was very much preordained, and definitely written in the stars, but that is how my journey started, and I don't regret it one bit.

2. Recently, you made a move to Heart FM. Could you tell us about this transition and what attracted you to the station?

It has been 2 years where I have been a part of the HeartFM family, and what makes it special, is that HeartFM is certainly a station I grew up listening to, especially on a Sunday. It has so many nostalgic memories of me growing up with my family, my friends and I still joke about having a IHeart Sunday house, where we would all just go and braai and we’d dance and just enjoy the vibes, so really it was such an easy decision for me to make to go to HeartFM. I knew I wanted to be a part of something like this, a brand that has been established for a while and that’s family orientated, it really has been such an easy transition, having everyone welcome me with open arms and truly the station is like one big family.

3. In addition to being a radio personality, you're also a model. How do you balance these two passions in your life?

I won't lie, I am not going to sugar coat it, it is very difficult, being a mom on top of that, being a good mom, making sure that I am present, and doing all these different roles. But in the same breath I am so blessed to be able to live out my purpose, so I never take that for granted. When I do anything in the space, whether it be modelling, or MC work, or TV or Radio work, I know how much I prayed for this opportunity and to have the chance to do all these different things,

which I don't take for granted. I am also blessed to have a great support system and team, like my mom is super hands-on when I am not able to physically be there with my son, my aunt, my family, everyone takes turns because they also know how much this means to myself and my family, to be able to live out my dreams and passion. It is a lot of juggling and a lot of hard work, I also have a great manager, she's my saving grace when it comes to the admin side of things,

because admittedly not my strong point! So I need to give credit where credit is due. Without my tribe, I don't think there would be a multi-sphered brand around Jamie-Lee Domburg!


4. Fashion seems to be another area where you excel. Could you share some insights into your love for fashion and how it influences your personal style?

Fashion is such a crazy thing. For as long as I could remember, I had no fashion style or fashion sense, I was a dancer growing up, so my style always consisted of these baggy clothes, jeans, denims, 90’s fashion. And don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed that style until I met my best

friend in 2008. She had the craziest style ever, and I think her influence in my life certainly helped me discover my love for fashion and finding my confidence within my fashion choices, my love for mixing colours and pieces, as well as being involved within the entertainment

industry, I definitely need to credit being a part of the industry, I think that has also played a big role in my fashion growth. Meeting new stylists, being introduced to many different fashion tastes, and being on set, also influenced my love for fashion. It is still a work in progress, with me being so multi-faceted whether it be in the fitness space, or the beauty space, it always changed my style as well, so sometimes I will be in my athleisure and fitness gear, or my hiking era where I love wearing hiking gear, so I play around with a lot of fashion styles so I can't be boxed within a certain style. But at the end of the day it needs to be something that makes you look and feel good about yourself and show in how you present yourself, that should be your style choice always!

5. Winter is here, and fashion choices often change with the season. What are your top 5 winter fashion picks for this year?

This is a confession, this season has been the first time since my weight loss transformation, I have been in such an Athletics, sports athleisure era, that I didn't want to buy clothes, but I see it as a good thing not being able to fit into my old clothes, but I was tired to constantly have to by new things that I would soon no longer fit into again as they would be too big. For me, if you are going to be building up your wardrobe, be it winter or summer, have basic items, staples if you must. Such as a black coat, tights and the sort of things you can have as transitional pieces that will carry you through multiple seasons. Invest in pieces that are timeless, that are staples, such as your scarves, your trenchcoats, tights, leggings, and keep those neutral colours, because those staples can then be utilised throughout the seasons with your seasonal additions and fashion item changes. Dopamine dressing, or colour blocking change seasonally, so my go-to is have neutral based staples so that i can change my looks seasonally with colour thats in.


6. You recently did a collaboration with One Boutique Store, tell us how that came about, some of your favourite memories from the shoot and some funny BTS moments.

My best friend, who is also my manager, shares the same fantastic relationship with the One Boutique family as I do. Our relationship started when I started out in the industry. When I wasn't too savvy on the importance of brand collaborations, and Partnerships. I had reached out to Olinski, the Owner and Founder of the One Boutique Store brand, as I fell in love with her luxury sleepwear sets. I mentioned that my best friend and I were going on a staycation as a collaboration and wanted to gauge her interest in collaborating with us. Not thinking much about the request and without hesitation she had provided us with these includible sleepwear sets, Which we still wear to this day, and for me that was so powerful. I had just started building my brand and having just started out in the industry, and my brand was not nearly as prominent as it is today, but she was prepared to align herself and give me the opportunity to grow with her. We have gone on to do some beautiful things with my family, my mom, and it is just one of those

relationships that i will always cherish, because I understand Woman in business and just how much passion Olinski has put into her brand and everything that she does. That inspires me to no end.

Some funny BTS moments, we were shooting at the Silo, and I am such a free spirited person and I am so comfortable within my own skin, that during the shoot we got to the stage where we needed to change outfits, and there wasn't access to a changing room and without thinking I just whopped off my top and changed, forgetting that we were in a public spot, so i had a few shocked glances, completely innocent as I didnt think twice, but it was a good giggle for everyone involved.

7. Family traditions and tips are often passed down from generation to generation. Is there a winter fashion hack or tip you've inherited from your family that you can share with us?

When I look back and really think about this, it always comes down to coats. My family has this love for coats, I remember my mom and my aunt always being in these fashion forward coats, whether it would be chequered or colour blocking coats, they would always have these stylish fashion item pieces. So definitely a fashion obsession hac they passed down to me and that I have adopted my love for coats, layering an outfit with and around a fashion piece coat, yes, I am all about that!

8. Cape Town offers breathtaking scenery and a vibrant culture. As a local, what would you say is the best spot in Cape Town to enjoy a winter sun-downer?

I am a hiker, for me personally, the perfect place to have a sundowner Chapman’s Peak Rock, they have this incredible lookout point. And this beautiful scenic view, some mountain view, some ocean view, it’s a

Town has to offer. This is my absolute favourite place in the whole it’s simply perfect!


9. As a radio personality and model, you likely have a significant any causes or initiatives you're passionate about that you'd like to highlight?

HeartFM have just finished our 16 days initiative at the St Francis Home for boys, also known as Realistic Youth Centre, and we spent 16 days helping transform their lives and making real change in creating everlasting change for the boys and I think that is still resonating with me. This was a joint contribution, from our listeners, to the donors, the big corporate and lifestyle brands that came out, to join the HeartFM team to enable us to build a new gymnasium, a football court for 5-a-side, a new barber space, we were able to give back and better the lives of these individuals at the home. This is something I am so proud of. Proud of the team, and every individual that rallied to be able to put this whole situation together. And it really is so incredible to see what communities can do when we pull together to help others.

10. Radio personalities often have a unique connection with their audience. How do you engage with your listeners and create a meaningful connection through the airwaves?

To be genuine and to give the real you. I learnt this very early on in the industry, people want to be able to relate to a person, not some idealised version of a celeb, the genuine real you. They want to be able to resonate with you, to connect with you and I have seen the more “ME” i am, the more people seem to be able to connect with me. This is something I carry over all my platforms, from TV to radio, to MC work, to my Social Media platforms, I try to just be the realest and best version of myself, and that comes effortlessly. No front, facade or persona to try live up to, I just need to be me.

11. Looking ahead, what are some of your goals and aspirations for the future, both in your radio career and your work in the fashion industry?

I learned early on, not to put yourself in a box, don’t limit yourself, but I think within the Radio space, there is still so much to learn, you never stop learning or growing in this industry, so for me it’s to always stay hungry to learn and grow and the student in the space, so that I can learn from every individual I cross paths with at the station and beyond, and to continue to live a purpose-driven life in whatever I do. Whether that is in fashion or TV or whatever career path I have next, I just want to always live with a purpose, so for me it’s to continue to inspire, continue to learn, grow, line with purpose and make money.

Jamie-Lee Domburg is an inspiration to many, let her passion for “living a purpose-filled life” become your daily motto. The world could do with more people like this bubbly, fun and inspirational woman.

Stay up to date with Jamie-Lee’s Journey:

Instagram: @jamie_domburg

  • Model | Talent: @jamie_domburg

  • Dressed by: ONE Boutique Store

  • Photography: Anthelia Cape Town Wedding Photography

  • MUA: Veautydolls

  • Styling assistant: Robin Snyders


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