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Kyle Clark's new and exciting podcast series - A mental health awakening.

The topic of mental health is no longer a taboo subject as more people are proudly joining the conversation and shifting the attitude towards mental health with positive support and an open space to talk about it freely.

Described as "Thoughtful, Needed, Gripping, Honest, and Healing” the new and exciting podcast, which showcases 12 episodes, includes esteemed seasoned guests who are proudly standing alongside Kyle and offering even more insightful content which is sure to not only keep the listener entertained, but also informed, educated and motivated.

We break down 5 things you need to know about the 'Switch On' podcast!

1. Switch On is hosted by Kyle Clark, Entrepreneur, TV Host, Radio Presenter & Actor, who is paving the way forward by normalising the topic of Mental Health and allowing the South African public to speak their truth and find comfort in addressing the subject through his brand new and exciting podcast, Switch On. What has so cleverly been described as a “love letter to the new generation,” Kyle is using his own voice as an act of direction and “the guidance we never knew we needed."

2. Switch On proudly focuses on mental health, a topic which has now become openly spoken about. Kyle Clark, who created the podcast, believes that Mental Health in our country has only been taken seriously since the pandemic occurred. He believes the pandemic has brought out a side in people that they never knew existed, only because the pandemic forced people to look in the mirror and see what was truly important from the beginning.

3. Switch On is an act of direction and guidance with a positive impact. Kyle Clark hopes that this season inspires people to be better, heal faster, forgive easier and love harder. Switch On embraces women! Switch On officially launches on Kyle Clark’s mothers birthday, 13th September, which is a special celebration of her; her achievements; her life and the beauty of her overcoming her own struggles in life. “The entire season is dedicated to females, so this one’s for her,” says Kyle.

4. Switch On is non-pretentious and relatable on all levels. Season 1 consists of 12 episodes, including guests like Zuraida Jardine, Natasha Joubert, Chane Grobler, Khutso Theledi and many more.

5. Switch On comes from voices of the known. Kyle Clark selected each one of his celebrity guests for having a very positive impact on his life. He hopes their stories resonate with the viewers and they also get to share a side of them that no one would see online.

Switch On can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or you can watch the entire interview on their YouTube Channel.

Follow his journey online:

Instagram: @mrkyleclark

Facebook: @mrkyleclark


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