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Lamelle manages the 4 triggers of acne - inside AND out!

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, acne will always be a confidence crusher. Fortunately, Lamelle Research Laboratories has created Clarity, an effective acne management system, that addresses all of the four triggers that contribute to spotty skin. Something else we’ve learned from our extensive research? To get the very best results, you have to manage acne inside as well as out. More on that later, first it’s important that you know your enemy… The Clarity difference Many acne sufferers feel like their war with acne is like taking one step forward then two steps back. Often, this is because they’re using products that target only some of the triggers for acne, not all of them. This is the Clarity difference – we know what creates the perfect storm for a breakout as well as how to address all of them. First up, one of the biggest contributing factors to acne is impaired follicle differentiation and shedding. Simply put, your follicles don’t naturally exfoliate as well as it should. Next on the list is having an excessive amount of oil. This ties into the third trigger – infection – something that can happen easily when your pores and hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil. Lastly, the fourth major triggers many don’t address is inflammation. If left unchecked, even subtle low-level inflammation creates the perfect environment for P. acnes (the bacteria that causes acne) to thrive. Ironically, inflammation is also the result of a breakout, creating a vicious cycle that’s hard to beat.

Tackle all the triggers Clearly, if you want to treat acne effectively, you want a multipronged plan of action and this is where Lamelle’s Clarity skin care collection comes in. Each product contains active ingredients that, when used collectively, significantly address acne’s “big four” triggers. Your skin cells will begin to shed at a normal rate that won’t clog your pores; excess oil will be reduced, P. acnes are decreased and inflammation gets calmed. To explain, we use gentle exfoliators to help normalise your skin’s rate of exfoliation. These include a retinoic acid analogue (proven to deliver all the benefits of retinol without the associated side-effects) and a water-soluble version of salicylic acid. This way, you can exfoliate without using a harsh scrub that will only trigger more inflammation. Speaking of which, Clarity’s powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients include soothing allantoin as well as nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B. As far as oil control goes, both our day and night lotions, Clarity Corrective AM and PM plus, contain epidermal growth factor (EGF) and nobiletin. Together, they’ll decrease the size of your skin’s sebaceous ducts and glands to help normalise oil production. Last, but not least, all our Clarity Correctives products contain a slew of anti-microbial actives, such as hinokitiol and azelaic acid. And yes, many of our actives are multi-taskers – our retinol derivative, as well as nicotinamide, are also brilliant bacteria-blitzers.

Inside-out protection Want to turbo-boost your quest for clear skin? Acnevelle Plus by Lamelle Research Laboratories is an oral supplement proven to help manage acne. It contains very easy to digest form of zinc along with nicotinamide and copper. The latter is important because taking zinc long-term has the potential to cause a copper deficiency. Acnevelle Plus, when teamed with our Clarity skin care collection, has been shown to improve acne by up to 88% in just 8 weeks.

So, what are you waiting for? Together, we can help put you on the path to a clearer, more radiant complexion and killer confidence!

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