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Lamelle: Understanding skincare 101.

Skincare may seem complicated, but perfecting the basics is easier than you may think. Let's Get Real About Skincare, in which Lamelle busts some of the most common skincare myths doing the rounds.


Thanks to Instagram reels and TikTok, we have more skincare advice at our fingertips than ever before. Thing is, a lot of this can be misleading, or really not relevant for your skin type. This is why, if you want to get real about skincare, the first thing you should do is get a skincare assessment from a highly-skilled skincare therapist, such as those who work with Lamelle Research Laboratories. This way, you’ll get advice that’s tailor made for your skin’s age, condition and goals. Still, while we’re at it, let’s bust a few myths to help you create your best skin yet. Expensive or “more” isn’t always better Yep, this is a myth. You do not need to use an eleven-step skincare routine or rely on wallet-crushing products containing gold flecks to reap big rewards. In fact, gold is a common allergen! What you do need, however, are proven active ingredients that are going to work for your unique skin type. At Lamelle Research Laboratories, we are passionate about the science behind beautiful skin and proud to develop highly effective skincare solutions at optimum dosing, supported by clinical data. Your skincare therapist will advise you on what to use, and how to use it. Every skin needs barrier protection Many people self-diagnose and think they have sensitive skin. Sometimes this is true and can be a genetic condition. However, the majority of the time it’s just that your skin barrier – more simply put your skin's outer layer, your ‘waterproofing’ is not intact. This means your waterproofing layer has gaps, letting irritants through that shouldn’t be there. The skin responds by creating red, irritated skin that has a negative response to skincare application. So step 1 on your skin journey is to repair the roof, get your outer layer strengthened with Lamelle’s Serra range, specially formulated for sensitive as well as sensitised skin, will help you get back on track. It contains Ceramide-P, our patented lipid restoring ingredient, that can treat the root cause of sensitivity and dryness so you can enjoy healthy, hydrated and happy skin once more. This Ceramide mimics the lipid layers in the skin. By fixing the gaps in the exact same way your skin would do it, resulting in relief of redness and sensitivity. Men don’t need “manly” products It’s a myth that men and women have different skin types that require different active ingredients. Like we said, skin is skin. Still, many brands churn out “manly” products with masculine packaging and often shortchange men of the active ingredients they really need. At the end of the day, those potent and proven actives that can help women achieve their skincare goals – be it to fight lines or beat acne – are the exact same as those that will benefit men. Skincare ingredients and products can be chosen based on the challenges that are being experienced.


Heavy doesn’t mean hydrating The idea that winter’s dry air requires you to toss your regular moisturiser and switch to a thick, oily cream is actually not always the answer. Instead, rather embrace the change of season by hydrating smartly – not heavily – by including a serum like Lamelle Correctives HA + Serum. This cutting-edge light textured, elixir contains multiple forms of hydrating hyaluronic acid. These naturally occurring molecules penetrate deep into your skin and act like moisture magnets, attracting and binding to water to hydrate and plump your skin. Simply add a few drops to your moisturiser or apply it beforehand and you’re good to glow! Sun protection is for everyone While some skin tones do have more natural sun protection than other skin types, skin is still skin, and everyone requires sun protection. Just because you’re less likely to burn, it doesn’t mean the sun isn’t ageing your skin as well as damaging your DNA. Luckily, Lamelle Helase Urban Defense 30 is your ultimate skincare protector. Not only does it protect against all forms of visible light, it also contains powerful antioxidants to protect your skin from particulate matter – harmful contaminants suspended in the air that can damage your skin’s immune function. Better yet, it also contains enzymes that repair direct and in-direct DNA damage caused by the sun. Your older you will thank you! To find a Lamelle stockist near you visit:


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