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LIEZEL wears proudly local South African Designer in Hong Kong during MC Conference.

Liezel is no stranger to fashion, setting trends and trying new styles and even abroad, the blonde beuaty represents South Africa in local designer fashion.

Liezel van der Westhuizen is currently the Master of Ceremonies at a 4 day International Conference in Hong Kong, the IWOT Conference.

“Landing a corporate gig of this calibre in a world class business hub like Hong Kong is really a dream come true and I look forward to building on these kinds of opportunities even more in the future,” says Liezel.

Liezel is wearing a design by Hendrik Vermeulen Couture. 

The jump suit is made from Merino Wool,  from Riverglades International Fabrics based in Pinelands/ Cape Town. It is a piece of Wool coming out of the last Wool mill in operations in South Africa, more than 10 years ago.

Hendrik then designed a print that mimics the traditional Chinese Calligraphy, an artistic expression of human language, by writing “I love Wool” in simplified Chinese as to accommodate the majority of spoken Chinese languages adding a traditional red stamp or seal in the shape of a Merino ram as a signature.

The outfit is composed of a printed Silk Tulle in Jade colour, hand dyed in Turquoise and hand beaded with Miyuki micro beads, and the dungaree is made of printed Merino Wool to measurements with hand embroidery detail.


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