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Pandora invites you to believe in the power of words with Pandora ME

Calling all queens – show off your power! This March, self-expression and creativity meet values and beliefs with new, limited-edition Pandora ME Word Links available exclusively until 31st March.

Celebrating empowerment in all its forms, the new Believe and Power Word Links let you wear your values and act as a reminder of your own, limitless inner strength.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the new Word Links, Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, Creative Directors of Pandora, comment, “The word ‘Power’ is about claiming your strength and owning your space. ‘Believe’ then complements that idea correctly, representing belief in ourselves, the world around us and hope for our collective future. We’ve watched the younger generation find their own power and use it in new ways and felt inspired by this generation who use their voices to express themselves and challenge cultural expectations.

Channel your inner strength and show the world your Power - Believe in yourself, your generation, your future.

Make a bold statement and feel empowered this March, and every day, with the Power Word Link in 14k rose-gold plated unique metal blend with purple enamel and the Believe Word Link in sterling silver with purple encrusted stones. Style and re-style with limited edition word links that can be added to your existing Pandora ME jewellery stack for a completely personalised look. Get it before it’s gone - the limited edition drop is only available for the month of March.

The two limited-edition Pandora ME styles are available for the month of March in selected stores and online.


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