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Londolozi... the African Muse of private Safari, capturing the magic of Mother Nature.

There is a saying by Richard Mullins, "The only man i envy, is the man who has not yet been to Africa- he has so much to look forward to!" and when you get the priviledge to visit some of the most prestine bushveld on Safari you understand this on a whole new level.

SA Life Magazine Travel Contributors were given the opportunity to go visit Londolozi, Founders Camp, which are world famous for all the incredible leopards found on the property, but lets focus more on the Londolozi feeling that they say most returning guests talk about. I can most certainly agree. Londolozi, took our visit to the next level! From having the most epic ranger and guide to being spoilt with endless Wildlife encounters and sightings, to ending our last evening off with a private dinner in a dried up river bed in the middle of the bush surrounded by nothing but mother nature, a million stars, the roaring of lions and rasps of the leopard in the darkness that was bathed in only latern light.

We stayed at Founders Camp and what an incredible venue. Founders Camp honours past guests and staff who have in some of other way contributed to building the Londolozi Game reserve. This venue is family friendly and yet intimate at the same time. There are only 10 chalets that have been situated within the shade of the surrounding Matumi Trees along the banks of the Sand river.

There are 3 chalets that have been designed to accommodate families and have a specifically made sure to take the needs and care into consideration enabling you to convert into a children's room.

Each room is equipped with a shower, a luxury an outside shower for those who are brave enough, but in that Summer heat trust me it's exactly where you want to be. Private pools on decked areas are the perfect accompaniment for spending those lazy hot afternoon hours or even napping in the shade of the trees on the deck chairs.

The lodge "social areas" where breakfast and lunch is served is completely natural and neutral tones that stick to what they all name "Bushveld Bohemia" style. Its clean and fresh looking and works wonders with the natural light that surrounds the lodge.

They have kept earth neutral tones and have also used recycled elements most of them being iron and used in the raw state in the decor elements.Its a historical kind of magic. There is an undeniable energy of mother nature's magic that surrounds you in Sabi Sands, and Londolozi seem to have captured that in pure essence.

wildlife images from our 3 days at Londolozi.

Kerryn du Toit @kerryndutwild

Let's chat safari.... if you love the bush, then i promise you, Londolozi will hand it to you on a silver platter. They have the most incredible relationships between the rangers and trackers and within a day or two they are already part of the family! Each day the guests are asked what is on their sighting list and i mean you can challenge them and they will work to make it come true (Within reason ) but when i say they deliver, thats what they do, within 3 minutes of our first drive, this is what we saw.....

There is something soul-touching about spending time in the African Bushveld, whether its just seeing these animals off road, having a moment touching a Baobab tree during a coffee/drinks break or watching the sun set over the dam with hippos wallowing its pure AFRICAN MAGIC.

"Londolozi is situated on the Sand River in the very heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. This reserve forms part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a vast and growing area that currently covers six million acres and incorporates the famous Kruger National Park. Wild animals move freely across this vast space, offering spectacular game viewing and a true wilderness experience.

Breeding herds of elephant and buffalo roam throughout Londolozi, while white rhino and lion concentrations are among the highest recorded on the African continent.

Yet it’s the leopards of Londolozi that make us world famous for wildlife, and lie at the heart of the Londolozi feeling."- Excerpt from Londolozi website

 Ok so now it's time to talk food......

As per their website....

"Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast– Epictetus."

The team at Londolozi have made sure that the food not only is of top standard but they consider it to be an essential part of your Londolozi experience. Unique crafted delights from Morning Game drive treats to have alongside your Amarula coffee, to the hearty, healthy and diverse breakfasts and lunch options, to an indulgent high tea before the evening game drive, a range of snacks during drinks time on drive, to scrumptious and traditional bush dinners next to the burning fire or if you're lucky a private dinner somewhere incredibly special in the bush.

Their recipe's are a source of great pride; many have been handed down through the Varty family, while others were created in the Londolozi kitchen itself - Let's out it this way, you will NOT be disappointed!

What more can we say.... we know these images speak for themselves.

This venue not only changed the way we saw private luxury safari, but how we viewed mother nature and Africa herself!

Thank you to each and every person who made our trip phenomenal! We will most certainly be back!

I didn't realise one could be more in love with the bush then we were, Londolozi, you changed that!

They also have their very own travel app, whereby you can get information about your stay at Londolozi, a wildlife checklist, camera equipment rental facility and the latest Londolozi blog stories.

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Twitter: @Londolozi

Instagram: @Londolozi


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