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Maynardville's Magic Under the Moonlight Evening Market: The Place we all can find community, again!

Standing as a historic pillar for Cape Town’s theatre goers, the return of the Maynardville Open Air Theatre Festival symbolizes the Mother City’s return of what makes Cape Town unique – a place where the arts and business, can find community. And now, living in a Post-Covid world, this venture has excited not only art lovers, but local businesses as well. As this year, it won’t just be the theatre sector who benefits from the platform that Maynardville Festival offers local thespians.

A new project, initiated by Open Air Collective, this year’s Maynardville Open Air Theatre Festival invites micro food business owners and entrepreneurs to share dishes and local flavours with both theatre-goers and the local foodie community. An entirely new addition to the theatre festival, the Magic Under the Moonlight Evening Market both adds value to theatre-goers, while also promotes business growth and economic rejuvenation for small-to-medium businesses owners.

Open Air Collective, in partnership with VRT Theatrical, has taken even further steps to ensure we can reintegrate as a community, inviting the surrounding community to join in by going door-to-door to hand out thousands of flyers, sponsoring tickets to old age homes and providing ticket discounts with the launch of the Friends of Maynardville Programme, that offers discounts of all of Maynardville Festival tickets to the local community.

All the activity surrounding the festival has generated a lot of attention. Both Litehouse Lighting Company and Oryx Desert Salt, two established Cape Town brands, have jumped onboard to support the festival and evening market.

The magic off stage is in part owed to Litehouse, their lighting lights up the park in a truly spectacular way, making the experience, magical. A must visit, even for non-theatre goers. In the spirit of community, Litehouse is running a weekly giveaway valued at R 500.00. Visitors must be sure to keep an eye out for the details advertised across the venue!

Oryx Desert Salt has partnered with Open Air Collective as this year’s official food sponsor. Guests can now enjoy the taste of beautiful desert salt with all their market favourites, sustainably sourced from the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa.

Within the space of a few short months, Marynardville’s Open Air Theatre Festival has transformed from a space exclusively for art and theatre, to a central hub for business, community, theatre, partnerships and more!

It is exciting to think about the possibilities now available in years to come because of the new Magic Under the Moonlight Evening Food Market and Bar - a wonderful example of new ways to approach business, art, and lifestyle.


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