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Must-Haves For Your College Wardrobe - Nautica Competition.

With classes almost back in session, students are eager to reinvent their wardrobes for the new term. Here are some ideas to help them.You can make your first day of college success with stylish pieces from the Nautica Competition's collection, whether you're looking for a new outfit or a new way to style your favorite pair of chino or accessory.

Now is a great time to start building the wardrobe you'll wear to classes. Men's Golfer T-shirts and Tortola T-shirts, available in colors like white, red, blue, and black, are sure to last you through college and beyond.

As a student, you want to look your best and to make getting dressed a breeze so you can make it to class (and parties!) on time. Explore the full Nautica Competition collection online at


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