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Actress, Nicole Bessick never backs down from a challenge!

South African audiences will know her best for her work as Chloe on the hit ETV telenovela, “Broken Vows‟ but further to acting, Nicole has been dubbed “Action Barbie” by many, for her constant influence in an industry still emerging from the untouched female market.

The 3rd August 2019, sees Bessick tackling one of her latest and most physically--demanding challenges to date - The EFO, “Elite Fighting Organization” powered by PFC Promotions and ML Boxing. Nicole’s fight forms part of the Super Exhibition Amateur Boxing Fight. This fight marks her first step away from celebrity white collar and towards amateur boxing.

Nicole Bessick goes head to head with Cape Town-based boxer, Sanne Verhoef, which is expected to one of the most exciting fights of the night. Both contenders see themselves fighting at the Strawweight (58kg) division.

“This fight marks my first step away from the "celebrity white collar" fights I've come to be known for, and a step towards exhibition amateur boxing. I'm coming in as the underdog, but once again am ready to put my money where my mouth is and throw down.” Nicole explains.

Nicole Bessick is no stranger to boxing challenges. After being challenged by her opponent to compete in the annual Celebrity Boxing Event in 2017, she accepted and joined the line-up as one half of the first female celebrity-boxing match on the continent. The purpose of the fight was to raise awareness around the bullying epidemic in South Africa. Being a victim of bullying herself, the cause was one that hit close to home. Going up against an experienced opponent, Nicole dedicated herself to training like a professional boxer. Her journey to the belt was one that defied all odds and after a grueling three rounds, she was crowned the #BullyProof champion by way of unanimous decision.

What will this mean for Nicole in terms of becoming a professional fighter? Nicole explains that whilst she has no aspirations of being a professional fighter, boxing will always be a big part of her life.

“I'm an actress first, and always will be. My combat training began in response to needing to be able to do my own stunts. I fell in love with the sport and the process, and have since taken it up as a hobby."

Putting everything I've learnt and prepped to the test and ultimately watching the game plan and systems you work with on your coach come to life. The fight is won way before you step into the ring... so all that's really left to do on Fight Day is go out there and have fun.” Nicole says.

When it comes to the art and skill of boxing, one needs to be trained professionally and meet tactical standards. This for Nicole, has been a conscious commitment over the last year, as she strives to be the best in her division. She currently trains under the head coach of UFC, Don Madge. She has also aligned herself with the nutritional guidance of World-Renowned Body Builder and Coach, Stef Essie. Nicole believes that in becoming the best, she needs to be trained by the best.

“Training harder and eating cleaner than ever before. I'm backed by the best there is. There is no stopping them. There will be no stopping me.” Nicole says.

Whilst many of us would love to challenge our biggest rivals to the ring, Nicole Bessick adopts a friendly yet fierce attitude when it comes to her competitors.

“I'm always open to a good dance under those lights, and welcome any challenge set in my path. So I guess I'd fight anyone brave enough to throw the gauntlet in my direction ;)” Nicole adds.

Nicole is the epitome of stylish and sporty – a combination not many would be able to pull off professionally.

Wishing Nicole all the best and we will be sure to “back the Action Barbie” and her endeavor to becoming an Amateur Boxing Champion!

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