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Ready to freak out – with the new essence Jurassic World Trend Edition.

Welcome to Jurassic World: the new Trend Edition by essence, which is inspired by the latest film in the Jurassic World franchise.

The film "Jurassic World Dominion" which celebrated its world premiere in June 2022, and the collaboration with beauty brand, essence, will be launching for Jurassic fans. The essence Jurassic World TE contains everything you need for a cool look – in a stylish dinosaur-inspired design.

The Trend Edition includes eyeshadow, mascara and highlighter as well as lipstick, beauty tools and a cute bracelet. Hear me roar!

Jurassic World eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadow palette features 8 highly-pigmented eyeshadows in perfectly aligned shades. The colour scheme is inspired by the film’s setting on the island of Isla Nublar and offers green, gold, brown and orange shades with matte, shimmering and duochrome finishes. A dinosaur footprint on one of the eyeshadows is an additional eye-catcher. The packaging of the eyeshadow palette is also sure to attract attention thanks to its dinosaur pattern and golden T. rex print.

Around R189.95 // 01 Have A Rawsome Day!

Jurassic World I LOVE EXTREME limited

crazy volume mascara

As an absolute beauty favourite, the I LOVE EXTREME crazy volume mascara is a must-have in this Trend Edition. The essence bestseller comes in a limited Jurassic World design with shimmering rosé gold packaging and an animalistic detail in the lettering. The performance? Just how we love it! The extra-large plastic brush coats each individual lash with deep black texture for lashes with spectacular volume.

Around R75.95

Jurassic World highlighter

Let it shine! The Jurassic World highlighter has a silky-soft texture that delivers a high colour payoff. The delicate shimmer particles in rosé gold conjure-up a gorgeous glow on the cheeks and a radiant complexion thanks to vitamin E and macadamia oil ingredients. The pressed powder has a dinosaur pattern and a "Rrrrar!" embossment. Together with the Velociraptor on the lid, these details are reminiscent of the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise.

Around R99.95 // 01 Extra Crispy

Jurassic World highlighter brush

The perfect partner in crime for the highlighter? The Jurassic World highlighter brush, of course! Thanks to the tapered brush shape, the texture can be applied with precision and the fluffy, soft bristles make it easy to blend the highlighter. The brush comes in a rosé gold design with an orange-pink handle as well as a dinosaur pattern and features the iconic T. rex logo.

Around R82.95 // 01 Must Be A Fast Runner

Jurassic World powder brush

The Jurassic World powder brush is perfect for the generous application of powder textures. Just like the highlighter brush, it has super soft, vegan bristles. The rosé gold design and the handle in a Jurassic World style turn the powder brush into an absolute eye-catcher.

Around R99.95 // 01 Stay In The Car!

Jurassic World ph-reacting lip glow

Complete the look with the Jurassic World ph-reacting lip glow! The texture reacts to the natural pH-value of the lips and gives them a soft pink tint with a natural finish. Fine golden shimmer particles also add a soft glow. An additional eye-catcher: the design with a pink dinosaur pattern and a T. rex motif.

Around R82.95 // 01 Runnn!

Jurassic World makeup sponge

This make-up sponge looks like a dinosaur egg and is made from soft material – so it’s ideal for the application and blending of liquid or creamy foundation and concealer textures. Thanks to the unique shape, you can either set targeted accents or apply the products generously on larger areas of skin.

Around R82.95 // 01 Bingo! Dino dna.

Jurassic World bracelet

This cool bracelet is essential for dinosaur experts and those who want to become one. The adjustable pink band features a cute pendant in a rosé gold design in the shape of a Velociraptor. Unique as a gift or to treat yourself.

Around R57.95 // 01 Qualified Dinosaur Expert.

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