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SANBI to host Citizen Science Awareness workshop: empowering communities for aquatic ecosystem conservation.

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) in collaboration with the Department of Water Sanitation (DWS) and Nature Speaks is set to host a two-day workshop on 19 to 20  March 2024, at the National Zoological Garden in Pretoria . This transformative workshop aims to empower Traditional Health Practitioners (THP’s) and community members in monitoring and preserving aquatic ecosystems.


The workshop is tailored to raise awareness, provide education, and offer training on citizen science tools crucial for monitoring aquatic ecosystems. Participants will gain proficiency in utilising tools such as MiniSASS, Velocity Plank, Clarity Tube, Riparian Health Audit, iNaturalist, and WaterCan chemical and microbial water testing kits. THP’s form the primary target audience, given their unique connection to the environment, positioning them as essential allies in water resource preservation and community well-being promotion.

With the goal of fostering collaboration, establishing partnerships, and identifying ongoing engagement opportunities, the workshop aspires to empower THP’s and community members with the necessary knowledge and tools. SANBI’s collaboration with DWS and Nature Speaks underscores a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. Leveraging citizen science, SANBI seeks to drive collaboration and empower communities to actively participate in freshwater ecosystem management.

The workshop will delve into the significance of aquatic ecosystem monitoring, highlighting citizen science's pivotal role in gathering essential data for effective conservation and management. Participants will engage in hands-on demonstrations and discussions facilitated by experts from SANBI, DWS, and Nature Speaks.

Renowned experts, including representatives from SANBI, DWS  Nature Speaks, and Water Can, will lead engaging discussions and interactive sessions during the workshop. Attendees can anticipate valuable insights and practical guidance from these esteemed speakers.


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