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SHANKY’S WHIP - A wonderfully unusual drink we suspect you’d like to try!

Truman & Orange, the premium liquor distributors, are known for introducing unique brands and curious tipples and challenging South Africans to broaden their back-bars – and their recent launch of Shanky’s Whip is no different!

Shanky’s Whip is made from black Irish Whiskey (whisky aged in charred barrels - hence the black part), un-aged Irish spirit, and then blended with natural flavours and caramel. In Ireland it’s not uncommon for an Irish Whiskey shot to be dropped into a pint of Guinness (we suspect Irish men are tougher than men elsewhere) and Shank‎y’s recreates this soft creamy-rich flavour. The resulting spirit is midnight black, with a sweet smoothness underpinned with spicy Irish Whiskey notes.

Shanky’s name deserves a mention too, as his story is almost as curious and delectable as his drink. So the story goes (and Ireland has many of those) that Mr Shanky was an extraordinary jockey but also a bit of a troublemaker (something else Ireland has many of). One of the particular incidents that made his name, was when he was once thrown from his horse and promptly returned on an ostrich to win the race in front of a startled crowd. Well, that’s the way the legend goes, and who are we to doubt it!

What we can say for certain is that you’ll love the bottle that regales this fabulous tale. Shanky’s Whip is beautifully presented in a bespoke embossed glass bottle, with a label inspired by vintage Irish matchbox artwork, featuring the fantastical Shanky and his race-winning ostrich.

Rowan Leibbrandt, founding partner of Truman & Orange explains, “it’s not often the world of Irish Whiskey and ostrich racing combine, and the results are so delicious! We are so excited to be bringing something new to the Irish Whiskey category, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the looks on people’s faces when they try Shanky’s Black Irish…it’s an extraordinary drink and unlike anything I had ever tasted before.”

We sell premium brands with real provenance and authenticity, from interesting places that have a long-standing tradition of making high-quality drinks. We insist that our brands taste so good you have to tell your friends about them, and have a cool story to tell - and Shanky’s Whip certainly does that,” explains Leibbrandt.

Can we suggest you try your first Shanky’s Whip neat in a whiskey tumbler, over a load of ice. It mixes well with Cola too if that’s your preference.

Priced at R395, Shanky’s Whip is available at leading bottle stores and online at


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