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SKINnocent Calming & Well - Being Protocol from Exuviance.

Healthy, glowing skin is what most of us want all year. But let's face it, sometimes the change of season has different plans for our overall skin health. If you tend to have more dry, sensitive and irritated skin in colder months, then there are a few changes you need to make to your skin care routine to help the barrier of your skin adapt to the dryer winter season.

The SKINnocent protective ritual is ideal for sensitive, dry, rosacea-prone skin and post-procedure. Designed with gentle exfoliants and firming and plumping ingredients, this treatment helps restore well-being to compromised skin.

The SKINnocent protocol includes KEY INGREDIENTS designed to address your skin's specificconcerns:

•Gluconolactone–PHA that defends against environmental stressors

•Lactobionic Acid–Water-binding sugar-acid for moisture restoration

•Aminofil–Targets skin's volumising matrix to plump and firm

•Vitamins A, C, and E–protect against environmental stressors

Sensitive Skin Regimen with Exuviance:

The ideal skincare regimen for dry or sensitive skin uses several different moisturising ingredients to restore skin hydration, improve the skin barrier, and increase the skin's natural moisturising factor.Recommended home care regimen includes:

•Cleanser–Gentle Cleansing Creme–R642-00

•Toner–Soothing Toning Lotion–R641-00

•Serum–Soothing Recovery Serum–R1106.62

•Day Moisturiser–Multi Protective Day Creme SPF 20-R711-00

•Night Moisturiser–Ultra Restorative Creme–R846-00 and Hydrating Eye Complex–R667-00

All of the Exuviance products are not tested on animals.

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