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#SkinSchool: Exfoliating AHA explained.

By sloughing off dead or dull surface skin, exfoliating with Litchi & Titch’s AHA PlantExfoliator will help you achieve a soft, even, glowing complexion this winter

Exfoliating acids have fast become staples in our beauty regimes over winter because of their proven ability to resurface the skin, without the damage that often comes hand-in-hand with mechanical, or ‘scrub’ exfoliators. Turn that winter skin around with Litchi & Titch’s Gentle AHA Plant Exfoliator Do you want to maintain that healthy summer glow during winter? Why not consider adding AHA acids to your daily skincare routine. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is best known for its exfoliating properties and is a chemical exfoliator that works to scrub off the dead skin cells from body, revealing visibly brighter and nourished skin beneath. The process of removing the dead skin cells from the body also helps the body produce more evenly pigmented skin cells, preventing uneven skin tone.

Litchi & Titch Gentle Aha Plant Exfoliator (R370-00) uses the power of plants to gently renew and revitalise skin, unclog pores and even out the complexion.

The gel-like blend of salicylic acid, aloe and blueberry leave skin cleansed, moisturised, soft and toned for a radiant glow during winter.

Litchi & Titch also recommends following up with a daily moisturizer and SPF like their Vitamin-Rich Face Cream + SPF 20 (R380-00) to replenish the new skin cells that the acids bring to the surface and to decrease your chance of sun-related sun damage.

The Litchi & Titch AHA Gentle Plant Exfoliator is available online or from the following stores: Litchi & Titch Franschhoek, select Wellness Warehouse Stores and select Medirite stores.

Packaging with a Purpose

Litchi & Titch uses 100% locally sourced, plastic-free packaging. Their glass bottles are reusable and made from recyclable amber glass, while the boxes are fully recyclable. These are just some ways they are suitable for you and Mother Earth.

Ingredients with Integrity

Litchi & Titch uses plant-based ingredients instead of animal or synthetic ingredients. Synthetic chemicals are commonly found in mass-produced skincare, whilst botanical skincare tends to be produced in smaller batches. Essential oils are vital in the beautiful fragrances found throughout their range.


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