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SPRING has sprung & it's the perfect season for Infused Deliciousness.

Spring is the season of bloom; and the excitement for warm days spent in the outdoors is on the rise.

As celebrations and fun times approach, we want to give you the perfect cocktail recipes to usher in the festivities with – so get ready for delectable and infused goodness with Smirnoff Infusions. We encourage you to soak up the spring sun on your porch at home with an infused cocktail in hand, surrounded by friends and family, and always sipping responsibly.

Here's easy Infusions cocktails that are naturally fruity, refreshing, and filled with flavour:

Smirnoff Infusions Perfect serve:

  • 50ml Smirnoff Infusions

  • Add Indian Tonic & Ice

Smirnoff Pineapple, Cranberry& Lime Infusion:

  • 50ml Pineapple Infusion

  • Top with pineapple soda

  • Add Ice


  • Make pineapple soda by mixing half pineapple juice and half soda water

  • Build the ingredients in a glass filled with ice

Smirnoff Raspberry, Passion Fruit & Lemon Infusion:

Raspberry makes a perfect raspberry lemonade

Add ice in your wine glass

  • 50ml Raspberry Infusion

  • Top with Lemonade

Smirnoff Watermelon & Mint Infusion:

  • 50ml Watermelon Infusion

  • Watermelon cube (flavour and garnish infused),

  • Elderflower cube (flavour infused) and a Mint cube (garnish infused)

  • Top with tonic

  • Instructions on how to make flavour and garnish infused cubes

  • Prepare your ingredients (watermelon, elderflower, mint). Wash fruit and herbs and chop to your desired size.

  • Place a few pieces of fruit and/or herbs into each compartment of your ice cube tray.

  • Fill the ice cube tray up with water.

  • Freeze.

Not For Persons Under The Age Of 18.


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