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Springboks pick up OPPO as official handset partner.

The Springboks and OPPO are proud to announce the start of a new strategic partnership which will see one of the world’s leading technology brands as the team’s new official handset partner. A partnership with shared ambitions and winning spirit which will merge both technology and sports brands combining their shared ethos to connect with fans through their passions and enhance their experiences.

Since it was founded in 2004, OPPO has sold more than 300 million devices globally and boasts a footprint spanning over 50 countries. In the South African market, OPPO has become an official mobile partner with local football giants, Orlando Pirates, as well as South African Fashion Week. The latest partnership, with what is arguably the country’s most globally recognised brand, the Springboks, is a further demonstration of OPPO’s commitment to making a substantial contribution to the domestic economy.

“We are honoured and delighted to partner with the world champions in what we believe will be a progressive new chapter in the story of both organisations,” said Avashnee Moodley, Head of Marketing at OPPO South Africa, “The Springboks are an elite global sporting brand, recognised the world over, and are associated with a long and illustrious tradition of success. “

“We are very excited to welcome OPPO to our family of sponsors as an official handset partner to SA Rugby and the Springboks”, said Mr Mark Alexander, President of SA Rugby. "Economically we are living in challenging times and it’s wonderful to see companies commit to sponsoring rugby.To have one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and other electronic devices in the world in our corner, at a time when connectivity comes at a premium, is also great for us at SA Rugby.”

Over the course of many years, the three-time world champions have forged a formidable reputation from their relentless pursuit of excellence, an attribute they have maintained right up to the present day.

“This partnership succinctly encapsulates everything the OPPO brand represents, namely commitment to excellence and investment in South Africa,” Moodley stated, elaborating further, “Many of the hallmarks for which the Springboks are renowned; excellence, innovation, dedication to high performance and tenacity, also sit at the foundation of what drives OPPO to constantly adapt, evolve, and improve. OPPO strives to be a sustainable company that seeks to create a better world by elevating everyday lifestyles through technological artistry.”

The partnership with the Springboks forms part of our global sporting partnerships strategy and ambitions to inspire and engage consumers through sports. We are looking forward to advancing our efforts of connecting and inspiring rugby fans around the world.

“For OPPO, it is a momentous accomplishment to position our name alongside such an iconic emblem. The team inspires our nation and at OPPO, our objective is to help connect people and help connect fans to their team by using our latest innovative technology,” she added.

The alliance exemplifies the core precept that underpins OPPO’s brand proposition, ‘Inspiration Ahead’. Despite the diversity in backgrounds and languages, everyone is inspired to be part of something greater than themselves and OPPO’s sponsorships provide a communication bridge between the brand and its energetic and passionate users.

As Moodley explains, “To envision ‘Inspiration Ahead’ is to believe in a better tomorrow by facing the future with optimism. It reflects our attitude towards the current state of the world. It guides us and serves as our philosophy for dealing with any challenges we may confront.”

OPPO believes that the Springboks embody this sentiment and exemplify everything that its global positioning - ‘Inspiration Ahead’ - is all about.

“As a relatively recent entrant into the market, a collaboration like this provides us with a fantastic platform to expand the scope of our brand throughout South Africa and make more people aware of what OPPO has to offer. We are very enthusiastic about the outlook for growth in the South African market,” Moodley concluded.


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