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Studio Sound comes home with the all-new 700 Series range.

Homemation is proud to announce that Bowers & Wilkins’ latest 700 Series range is now available in South Africa. The new 700 Series continues to be Bowers & Wilkins most comprehensive sound range, featuring eight models including three floor-standing speakers, three stand-mount speakers plus two dedicated centre channels for home theatre use.

The new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series is equipped with many of the same technologies as the brand's flagship 800 Series Diamond line, which is used by many of the most renowned recording studios in the world. With sleek, high-performance models that will complement every décor and style, the new 700 Series brings studio sound home. Through an exhaustive three-year development programme, this new technology has seen nearly every element of the new range transformed, from cabinet design, construction and finish through to key acoustic and mechanical improvements.

Commenting on the new range, Homemation’s Solutions Architect, Warren Husband, expressed excitement about the new line saying "We're extremely excited to have introduced the 700 Series, providing customers with the best global brands, that offer high-end audio equipment that delivers exceptional sound quality and a more immersive listening experience."

“We're pushing the boundaries of audio technology and delivering exceptional products to South African customers. It is an exciting development that will undoubtedly raise the bar for audio equipment in this category, providing music enthusiasts with an unparalleled listening experience.”

Beautiful design, premium detailing

In a first for the 700 Series, the new range introduces slimmer cabinets, featuring a curved front baffle and drive units mounted in external ‘pods’ that form a direct visual and technical link to the 800 Series Diamond range. This revised form dramatically reduces the impact of the loudspeaker baffle on sound quality by minimising the ‘cabinet diffraction’ effect, and as a result, the new range is better than ever at ‘disappearing’ acoustically, so you can just concentrate on the music, rather than the sound of the loudspeaker cabinet.

Upgraded drive units, new acoustic forms

In a significant step forward for acoustic performance, Bowers & Wilkins now offers its iconic Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top technology in four models in the new 700 Series, representing half the range in total. Now, the 702 S3 and 703 S3 floor-standing loudspeakers, the 705 S3 stand-mount model and the HTM71 S3 centre channel loudspeaker include Tweeter-on-Top. This means, for the first time in a 700 Series range, owners have the option of building a complete 700-Series home theatre system featuring Tweeter-on-Top throughout.

Beyond these mechanical improvements, the Tweeter-on-Top diaphragm retains the Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Dome tweeter, with its 47kHz first break-up performance, coupled to improved, vented voice coils with new, upgraded magnets. Even models that feature tweeters mounted in the baffle – 707 S3, 706 S3, 704 S3 and HTM72 S3 – benefit from all these changes, alongside a significantly elongated tube-loading system that, as with the Tweeter-on-Top, works to reduce distortion and ensure a cleaner sound.

Biomimetic Suspension

In all three-way loudspeakers in the new range, Bowers & Wilkins has introduced its revolutionary Biomimetic Suspension – first revealed last year in the new 800 Series Diamond range. Replacing the conventional fabric spider found in the suspension of almost all loudspeakers built over recent decades, the Biomimetic Suspension dramatically reduces unwanted noise from the output of the spider as the midrange cone operates. Bass, meanwhile, uses the latest generation of Bowers & Wilkins famous Aerofoil™ Profile bass cone technology, based around a composite ‘sandwich’ of materials with a carefully formed variable profile aimed at delivering cleaner, lower distortion bass.

Optimised for performance

Ensuring that these drive units are given the best possible platform to succeed, the new 700 Series range introduces upgraded, 800 Series Diamond-inspired speaker terminals that feature more substantial contact connections and are better laid out for use with spade-terminated speaker cable. This feed carefully upgraded crossovers that continue to use Mundorf capacitors as before, enhanced with multiple bypass capacitors and improved heatsinking for even cleaner performance.

All floor-standing models feature significantly upgraded spikes to anchor them to the floor. On 704 S3 and 703 S3, stainless steel M6 spikes are included with their integrated plinths: on 702 S3, heavy- duty M10 spikes are provided. Even stand-mount models in the range benefit from similar mechanical upgrades, thanks to the FS-700 S3 floor-stand, which has been visually upgraded to match the slimmer, curved profile of the new cabinet design, while also offering acoustic improvements thanks to the introduction of those stiffer M6 spikes.

Designed, built and finished to the standards you would expect from Bowers & Wilkins and equipped with some of the world’s most advanced loudspeaker technologies, this is simply the best 700 Series range yet, offering an unparalleled combination of elegance and performance.

The new 700 Series range has been brought to South Africa by Homemation and is available at dealers, with the price ranging from R11 990,00 to R142 990,00


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