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Superdry showcase their Fragrance Range.

Red ,Yellow or Blue..... pick your favourite.

It's a Mavericks Playground, an Ancient Capital City, or a Motor City; authentic and raw, say hello to Superdry's unique Eau De Toilette range.

With a scent range to suit any taste , from Oriental, Woody or Fougere notes, everyone's favourites have been catered for.

  • Superdry Kyoto Eau de Toilette (R499.95 for 100ml) is a minimalist and timeless fragrance that fuses crispy and bright notes (think mandarin and bergamot) with warm and woody notes (musk, moss and vetiver). This fragrance will give you an instant dose of vigour on a sensory level and enough energy to handle everything with confidence and ease. Ideal for an inividual who’s not afraid to be themself.

  • Superdry Detroit Eau de Toilette (R499.95 for 100ml) is a raw, authentic fragrance with an urban feel. This fougere scent opens with fresh, aromatic extracts of mandarin, grapefruit and pepper and dries down to a masculine mix of cedarwood, sandalwood, amber and tonka. For the aviv adventurer this fragrance screams - "New day – new opportunity to tackle more challenges." Superdry Iso E Super Detroit Eau de Toilette Embrace your everyday adventures!

  • Superdry Soho Eau de Toilette (R499.95 for 100ml) is an electric and soulful fragrance inspired by the eclecticism of Carnaby in Soho, the epicenter of culture and lifestyle in London's West End. It boasts exhilarating aromatic and zesty notes of grapefruit and pepper, contrasted with soulful, smooth woody notes of elemi, patchouli, vetiver and moss. A timeless classic which represents a tribute to manly elegance and natural charisma. Superdry Iso E Super Soho Eau de Toilette, the fragrance for the individual, that will quickly become an integral part of your dressing routine

Follow the brand online -

Instagram: @superdrysa


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