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Tamsin Glass of Dreamy Days – The answer to assisting your little one with better sleep.

Imagine starting your day with your little one waking up after the sun rises and sleeping long restorative naps during the day. This is all made possible with Dreamy Days! The Dreamy Days Sleep Collection of award winning products, is the answer to assisting your little one with better sleep. Their products are carefully curated; simplistic in design; functional; loved by parents and tested by sleep consultants. With products such as the Dream Pod, 100% Blackout Blinds, Comforters, Night Lights, NurtureOne Pillows and ergo Pouch Swaddles and Sleeping Bags, it’s no wonder their brand and become a well-known supplier of quality baby products, and for all the right reasons.

Created by a loving mother, entrepreneur and wife; Tamsin Glass, CEO and Founder of Dreamy Days, founded the brand on the simple concept of “quality sleep”, something most babies aren’t trained to achieve. Babies aren’t born good sleepers; it’s a learned skill, but with Dreamy Days on your side, you’re one step closer to achieving a happy, restful baby.

Sleep plays one of the most crucial roles in our health and wellness and in the development of our babies’ minds and bodies, which is why a good night’s rest is of the utmost importance when it comes to not only that of the little one, but also that of the parent.

We caught up with Tamsin Glass, Founder and CEO of Dreamy Days who talks us through this innovative brand, taking the market by storm.

Why did you decide to create a brand like Dreamy Days? Tamsin: Dreamy Days was born out of the many mornings my little boy and I beat the first rays of sun to a new day. A lack of sleep opens you up to physical and mental health problems and like all new moms, I was running off love, little sleep, and 50 Shades of dark circles under my eyes. I was desperate for a product that would keep my little boy and I in sweet slumber a little longer and turn our home from a tired haze to a happy haven.

Why the name, “Dreamy Days”? Tamsin: I wanted to give exhausted, sleep deprived parents the change in mind set, that Dreamy Days are around the corner. That the sleepless nights and what feels like endless day nap struggles will pass and that we as a beacon of Dreamy Days will support you along your sleep journey, assisting and guiding you with selecting products that will become life changing.

You first started out with your black out blinds – what was the entire product process like, from idea to final production?

Tamsin: I realised how important darkness was for sleep (10/10 darkness) when my little boy was around 5 months old. We had survived the 4 month sleep regression and he knew how to self settle on his own but yet he still woke every 30 minutes for his day naps. I knew it was time to assess his sleep environment and ensure that I was placing him in a nursery that could assist him with the best possible sleep. I realised that even though we have blackout curtains, there was still light that crept in around the corners.

I discovered this slither of light stimulation was the reason he was waking. I decided to go on a search for a product, I tried many different products but none of them were the right fit. I needed something that is easy to use, something that stays up and is reusable and travel friendly. I decided to search for a product that could assist moms, just like me that were struggling with the same problem. I found a company that manufactures sheets that hold electrostatic technology and I thought this could work really well.

Sheets that could cover the window, without any adhesive to damage them and without suction cups that are unable to sit flush on the window and create 100% blackout. I decided to import a roll and try them out and the results were instant. My little boy could finally sleep for a solid two hours. I knew this was what parents in South Africa needed and so I decided to make it into a product and share the sleep magic. I created a luxury bag for the Dreamy Days Blackout Blind to fit into and for easy storage and travel. I also thought to place the product in a postal tube for easy shipping.

What makes your product or service unique - how do you define yourself apart from your competitors? Tamsin: I believe the Dreamy Days brand and products are unique and stand apart from other competitors as I, as a mother who is living through the challenges of sleep each day is at the forefront of the product sourcing, testing and development of each individual product. There is emotion coupled with passion behind this brand, as in the early months of becoming a mother, I was effected terribly by sleep deprivation which triggered post natal depression. A space, so many moms find themselves in, in the months after having a baby. The passion I have behind assisting other moms and dads with their sleep journey, is fuelled by an experience in my life. I strive to continue sourcing, sharing and creating products that really are life changing and life saving for the entire family.

We at Dreamy Days also pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, with communication, efficient delivery and gorgeous packaging. Your Dreamy Days blackout sheets are patented, designed and manufactured in Europe. Why is Europe the best location for this? Tamsin: Our products are of the highest quality standard and for this particular product, there is no better than our manufacturer in Europe.

What gives you the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur? Tamsin: There is nothing more satisfying then knowing, by receiving each sale, that one more family is receiving the gift of sleep.

What are your future plans and aspirations for Dreamy Days as a whole? Tamsin: There are a lot of big dreams for Dreamy Days and a lot of goals in the pipe line for this year. I hope to continue sourcing and creating products that become known, used and loved around the world. My dream doesn't begin and end in SA. I hope to branch off into other countries and share the magic of my products world wide. My passion for sleep is endless and when there is passion anything is possible.

Dreamy Days is the product of dreams that makes better sleep a reality and we had the opportunity to try and test out one of their incredible Dream Pods, and boy were we impressed. We awarded the Dream Pod a solid 9.5 out of 10, for its practicality, it’s easy functionality, sleek design and wide range of white noise options that would put even the fussiest of toddlers to sleep.

Known for their positive many benefits, for both babies and adults, Dreamy Days has designed a product that should be on every new and expecting mom’s must-have gadgets list. You can create the perfect sleep environment for your little one with the Dream Pod – what real dreams are made of. Assisting with deeper, more restorative sleep for your little one, the continuous calming sound of white noise will help your little one drift between sleep cycles and stay in the zone for sleep. What does the Dream Pod do? The Dream Pod is a white noise device that plays diverse soothing sounds. It comes with LED light Blending and also boasts a memory function for easy operation. What is "White Noise"? First, it’s important to understand white noise and why it’s so much more calming than other kinds of noise. Essentially, the sounds you hear every day are on all kinds of different frequencies, mingling and bouncing against each other and putting stress on your ear as your auditory system tries to process them all. White noise generators create sound at all frequencies at once, the way white light represents all frequencies of light. While there are some variations on white noise, this is the general idea. Essentially, white noise-type machines create a blanket of sound that lays over the existing sounds, creating a calming, consistent, focused sound that’s pleasing to the ear and can cover other, less pleasant sounds. What are the benefits of "White Noise"? People have tried and tested using white noise and its benefits for babies, over many years. You get those types of parents who have, for decades, been taking infants for car rides, hoping the sound and motion of the car will shush them to sleep. But as technology became more advanced, so did the advanced development of white noise machines. White noise helps babies fall asleep, and stay in that deep sleep state, by providing a comforting and soothing noise and masking the many sounds that can startle and wake a baby. What sounds does the "White Noise" Pod play? The white noise Dream Pod plays natural sounds. It has 29 build-in different sounds including 7 different white noises; 7 different fan sounds; birds singing; ocean waves; rain; water streams; fetal heart sound, lullaby and more. Babies, like adults, have their own preferences for sound while they sleep, so trial and error of any of these may be the best approach as to finding out which one works best for your baby or toddler. Why is the "White Noise" option used for babies? White noise can be a useful tool to help newborns and babies get the quality sleep they need, it’s known to benefit adults as well. It’s safe, affordable and won’t hurt your baby’s hearing unless it’s misused. However, a white noise machine is not something you or your baby should use as a ‘forever solution’. Eventually, even the fussiest baby needs to learn to fall and stay asleep on his own. Can the Dreamy Days Dream Pod play the whole night? The Dream Pod can be left permanently on, or set on a 30-60-90 minute timer.

Is the Dream Pod portable? The Dream Pod is L96.7 X W79.1 X H112.5mm making it compact and travel friendly, able to place in a stroller or nappy bag. How long does it take to charge the Dream Pod? It takes 2.5 hours to charge the Dream Pod. Not only does the Dream Pod train your little one’s brain to relax, but it also trains your toddler to identify the association between the white noise machine and when it is sleep time (white noise acts as a sleep cue). Beyond the many benefits of having a Dream Pod for sleep, the sheer practicality of being able to take this magical device with you where ever you go, is pure genius. For more information, follow them online or visit: Instagram: Website:


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