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The Chosen Ones: South Africa's latest action packed reality show to hit YOUTUBE.

Self-made South African crypto mogul, Sheldon Diedericks aka Sheldon the Sniper, recently launched his latest reality series, The Chosen Ones on

The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones, is a an adventure packed reality series brought to you by the famous South African crypto personality , Sheldon “The Sniper” Diedericks and his tight circle of family and friends, including Gregory Mann , Brandon Nel, Nathan Springorum, Tyrone De Abreu Rodrigues, Dean Diedericks, Kyle Coutinho, Syoma Pirutin, and Michael Jercinovic. The series is filmed and produced in South Africa and features the friends on themed adventures, comedy skits or performing stunts and dares. The series has become a global success racking up a large cult following. You can watch it Here

Hi Sheldon! We have been enjoying your new reality show, The Chosen Ones series on YouTube. What inspired you to create the show?

I used to be a carpenter who struggled from day to day before I learned how to make money from trading crypto. This new world opened my eyes to possibilities and a different way of living, however my journey to success proved to be a solitary one. I longed for the genuine connections I had with my childhood friends, who all seemed to be stagnating in their various careers. Inspired by the idea of bringing us all back together, I conceptualised a reality show centred around adventure, featuring myself and these friends. We embarked on incredible travel experiences, turning our escapades into an entertaining show called The Chosen Ones. The production process ran seamlessly, allowing us to assemble a dedicated team that now continuously films and uploads content and then a bespoke production studio with our own set was the next progression. Each member of our group possesses unique interests and qualities that we have been developing on the show, whilst exploring fresh business ideas and setting new goals for one another.

Any words of advice for the youth of SA aspiring to find their career break or their path in life?

Firstly, establish your goals then develop these goals into a specific plan. Define what you want to do and how you will know when you have achieved that goal. Assess what obstacles you might face that can be overcome, then prioritize actions to achieve your goal. The most important motivation will always be the people around you. Surround yourself with exceptional people who have goals and ambitions to better themselves and keep moving through life. The next piece of advice is to ‘go quiet’. Often sharing your aspirations with others can lead to them detracting from your own dreams or influencing you otherwise. Protect your goals and work on them every day behind closed doors. In this way, you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Content creation is a really exciting new way of making an income. If you have a specific talent or interest, you are already passionate about that topic so sharing your knowledge on the subject comes naturally. I find myself looking at my ‘why’ more often as I mature in life and business and what gives meaning to me is helping others make their way in the world. My other passion project is my podcast where I share my knowledge around wealth creation, balance in life and all kinds of get - ahead tips. Find your why and use that as a motivation every day as that is closely aligned with your life’s purpose.

The Chosen Ones

You recently got engaged and became a dad. How are you finding juggling parenthood with all the business interests that you have?

My family values mean that family comes first. Parenthood brings a whole new level of responsibility and time commitment, but it has also enhanced my perspective and taught me valuable skills. Parenthood is a team effort, and by sharing responsibilities and supporting each other, we can find a balance between our personal and professional lives. I know the importance of being present and fully engaged in whatever I'm doing, whether it's spending time with my family or focusing on business matters. By being fully present in the moment, I can maximize the quality of my interactions and make the most of the time I have available.

What would you like to tell your subscribers?

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for each and every one of you. This journey we're on together, the highs and lows, the laughter and challenges, wouldn't be the same without your constant presence. We have shared our lives and experiences with all of you, and it's been an amazing adventure so far. From the thrilling moments to the personal reflections, we are so happy that you have joined us in this virtual space and followed our adventures on The Chosen Ones. I encourage you to keep engaging with us and each other, sharing your thoughts, and spreading positivity. Let's continue to uplift and inspire. We promise to keep bringing you content that resonates, challenges, and entertains. Here's to more adventures, more laughter, and more unforgettable moments. Stay amazing, stay true, and always remember: don’t try this at home!

You can win an exciting leisure hamper worth R4000 with The Chosen Ones. One lucky reader will win a hamper filled with fantastic items, including:

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The Chosen Ones

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The Chosen Ones

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The Chosen Ones

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The Chosen Ones

All you have to do is:


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