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Tiffany-Amber Moses - a woman with big dreams and an even bigger heart!

Tiffany-Amber started modelling at the mere age of 5. Since then, the media personality, model, full-time psychology student and aspiring forensic psychologist, has won many pageantry titles to date which include Miss Pre-Teen Africa; Miss teen Cape Town; Miss Rainbow Nation; Best Model SA and MISS JNR SOUTH AFRICA 2019.

She also had the wonderful opportunity of representing South Africa internationally, twice. She participated in Little Miss world where she was crowned as Little Miss Actress. In 2019 she represented S.A at Miss Lumiere International World in Singapore where she placed fourth and won the “People’s Choice Award.”

Apart from Modelling, Tiffany-Amber also owns her own modelling school namely, “Tiffany-Amber MODELS”, where she offers pageant training such as ramp skills, interview skills as well as etiquette to young girls and boys.

She’s a power-house woman, with big dreams and an even bigger heart and we had the privilege of getting to know her a little better.

What is one goal you hope to achieve this year personally and professionally? I want to finish this year off strong with at least 10 new models in my modeling school! As a Capetonian, what makes Cape Town “home”? Of course the beautiful beaches and lovely restaurants! Besides modelling, what other hobbies do you enjoy? I have come to the conclusion that modeling and pageants take up so much of my time and it is definitely my ultimate hobby! But I also enjoy shopping, reading and going to the beach!

You love fashion - how would you define your style? I definitely have more formal and ‘smart casual’ outfits as opposed to casual and relaxed ones so I’d definitely describe my style as GLAMOROUS! Who is one person that you look up to and draw inspiration from, and why? I look up to Demi-Leigh Nel Peters. She is such a kind-hearted individual and I adore her style! Most inspirational moment, something that impacted you whilst giving back? There are so many moments that have impacted my life in a meaningful ways whilst giving back, however, I cannot narrow it down to just 1 moment. But, I absolutely love seeing the smiles on the faces of those who are so appreciative to receive things that we have access to on a daily basis and often take for granted

Who has played an important part in your career thus far and why? Definitely my parents. I am privileged to have parents who are always 100% there for me and fully support me in everything I do Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given to yourself 5 years ago? Never underestimate yourself - you can do anything! As a coach and modelling mentor, what does it mean to you to see your students succeed and gain such deserving recognition? I love seeing my students accomplish their goals because I know how hard they work. It is extremely heart-warming for me because I know all the effort that goes into everything they do! What important piece of advice do you give your students before they go out onto the stage? I always tell them not to worry about ANY other contestant and to focus on themselves. I encourage them to focus on doing everything what we have practiced and always have fun!

As a coach, do you feel nostalgia seeing your students on stage? Could we possibly see a future return from yourself entering another pageant? I definitely do feel nostalgic at times yes! Hmmmm, another pageant? Who knows…Maybe Miss SA I still have 4 years left to decide! ;) Which local personality do you look up to the most and why? I look up to Cindy Nell - what a powerhouse! She has been my role model since I was 11 years old and is also my favourite Miss South Africa (2002)! Quick Facts: What is your favourite cheat meal or snack: I LOVE the Cadbury whole nut chocolate. I tend to only eat the pieces with the whole nuts in it and leave the rest for my dad which he is not too happy about. Hehe! My shoe size is a: Shoe size 6! My secret talent is: I have no secret talent. But I wish I could dance! Favourite lifestyle brand: Sissy Boy and Nova Nutrition Collagen. Skincare Secret: Skin Functional! The best products out there! If I were to be an animal I would be a: A porcupine! Lol Fav book of all time: I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore Song from my youth that I can’t help but bust a move to is: SHES NOT ME – MADONNA!

Follow Tiffany-Amber’s journey online:

Instagram: @tiffanyambermoses


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