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The benefits and effectiveness of oral probiotics, a micro-organism that provides health assistance, is well known for promoting gut health and combating allergies.

But, did you know that this health benefit can be added to your skin as part of a dermatological regime? Dr Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Lamelle Research Laboratories says that recent studies have shown that there are ample benefits to applying probiotics topically to the skin too.

Probiotics are living microorganisms including bacteria that offer a benefit to the host. “Your skin can never have enough of these beneficial bacteria,” says Dr Wagemaker. “Unfortunately, over-

cleansing, diet, and stress affects our skin’s microbiome.” Microbiota on the surface of your skin plays an important role in:

● Maintaining the skin’s general health

● Regulating inflammation

● Protection from pathogens

Being able to apply probiotics directly to the skin, restores various skin cell functions – from increasing hydration, reducing cell-damaging enzymes, to helping the skin to be less prone to irritation. Dr Wagemaker recommends including such a product into your skincare regime. In addition, he says that by including a product that not only has one probiotic active ingredient but also includes probiotic lysates, that mimic the benefits of your skin’s microbiome, which will further

prime your skin to enhance the results of the active ingredients of your current skincare products.

The Lamelle Skin Essence range includes probiotic lysate, which together with other nutrients and active ingredients is designed to:

● Improve complexion radiance, skin texture and firmness in a short period of time,

● Help the skin become less reactive to irritants over time,

● Increase the natural moisturising factor concentration in the skin,

● Reduce the processes that accelerate ageing,

● Improve the appearance of wrinkles, redness, irritation and sagging,

● Reduce blackheads, redness and breakouts in problematic skin,

● Promote a brighter and smoother skin texture, enhanced skin hydration and plumpness, as well as the lightening of existing superficial marks left behind by acne.

Lamelle Skin Essence is available in Rejuvenate – Firms the skin and improves radiance, Corrector – Improves hydration and combats the signs of aging and Clear – problematic skincare.

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