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Embarking on the journey of trendsetting is like stepping into a world where your unique style takes centre stage. No need for a fashion PhD or an otherworldly style sense – it's all about embracing your individuality. Zaweer Ebrahim, brand manager at Playboy, shares some invaluable tips to kickstart your trendsetting adventure.


The key is to own it with confidence, and soon you'll find yourself turning heads effortlessly.

1. Accessories

The secret sauce in the world of fashion: Snag a stylish hat, oversized sunglasses and throw on a bold statement piece. Think of it as adding extra toppings to your style sundae – the edgier, the better! Let your accessories speak loudly about your unique style.

2. Confidence

Strut your stuff as if you own the runway, whether it's the grocery store aisle or a high-fashion event. Confidence and boldness become your greatest ally in this trendsetting journey and is contagious, and soon, everyone will want to catch the vibe you're spreading.

Playboy Fragrances

3. Scent

Bring a scented swagger into your trendsetting ways. Choose a fragrance that mirrors your character – a bold musk, or hints of a refreshing citrus like Playboy VIP New York. Keep it classy by applying just enough to be noticed without overpowering the room. Your scented aura will have heads turning and leave an indelible mark.

4. Be Bold

Don't hesitate to make daring choices and stand out from the crowd! Whether it's through striking patterns, unique silhouettes, or bold accessories, dare to be different and let your individuality shine through. Boldness knows no bounds, so express yourself in ways that truly resonate with your personal style.

5. Uniqueness

Embrace what makes you uniquely you. Flaunt those quirks, whether it's a spontaneous dance move, an offbeat accessory, or a distinctive hairstyle. Your individuality is the spice that sets you apart, and the world craves more of your authenticity.

As you embark on this trendsetting journey, share your looks on social media platforms. You never know who might be inspired by your style! Utilise hashtags, join fashion communities, and let the world witness your trendsetting prowess. There are no fashion police here – just revel in expressing yourself and watch your trendsetting journey unfold.

Go on, trendsetter, the world is your runway!


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