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Highland Park Whisky and Gwendoline Christie collaborate to celebrate 225 years of whisky craft.

Truman & Orange, distributors of award-winning Scottish whisky brand Highland Park, has announced the collaboration between the Orkney-based Highland Park whisky distillery and acclaimed British actor and fashion icon, Gwendoline Christie, creating a short film; Orkney Stories.

Highland Park Whisky

To mark nearly a quarter of a millennia of whisky making, Highland Park invited creative, Gwendoline Christie, to explore the extraordinary nature of the islands and the brand’s legacy in its island home.

Christie is renowned for challenging norms through her work as an actor and model, a synergy shared with award-winning single malt Highland Park, an outlier in the whisky world due to its location and distinctive flavour.

Highland Park Whisky

In Orkney Stories, Christie learns about the heritage that has shaped Highland Park into the whisky it is today. She discovers Hobbister Moor; hills of breathtaking heather moorland, that infuse the peat below with an intensely floral character. This unique peat gives Highland Park its signature sweet and subtle smoky character which challenges the traditional flavours of Highland-based distilleries as well as standing out from the heavily peated scotch category.

Highland Park Whisky

Christie embraces some of the historical iconic landmarks of the islands as well as being taken behind the scenes at the 225 year old Highland Park distillery, discovering what makes the whisky so distinctive, including the distillery’s traditional floor maltings, one of only a handful left in Scotland.

Highland Park Whisky

“We are really proud to launch the Orkney Stories to the South African market,” explained Rowan Leibbrandt from Truman & Orange, “the collaboration truly illustrates the bond between the Orkney islands and the uniqueness of Highland Park whisky.”

Gwendoline Christie, commented: “Orkney has a stunning landscape, which I’ve been able to explore first hand to see how the environment and communities influence the heritage, flavour and spirit of Highland Park Whisky. I have always drawn inspiration from my surroundings, and I loved delving into how Highland Park too, is deeply shaped by the setting of its Orkney home.”
Highland Park Whisky

Paul Condron, Global Brand Director, Highland Park, said: “We invited Gwendoline Christie to experience the magic of our Orkney Island home to celebrate our 225th Anniversary year. Through the eyes of Gwendoline, we show our special relationship with the islands and what makes our whisky so distinctive. Inspired by her spirit of creativity and drive to challenge norms; Gwendoline Christie felt like the perfect person to shape and share our story.”

Highland Park Whisky

Orkney Stories celebrates Highland Park’s 225th anniversary by giving the audience the chance to experience Orkney, through the eyes of Gwendoline Christie. Orkney Stories is live to watch on Highland Park’s social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and website.

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