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One more round to Lite'n up Worker’s Day with Tips on Tap.

Castle Lite is set to up the ante by raising R1 million as a big

refreshing salute to bartenders across South Africa on Worker's Day,

via their Tips On Tap initiative.

Castle Lite will raise a glass to its heroes of the service industry of South Africa: Bartenders. A cheerful audience, who make sure your refreshing drinks and delicious food arrive, as well as mathemagicians that pull off tricks to ensure the cash register is balanced to the last cent. Bartenders are the custodians of a great experience with beer. Furthermore, as workers who make an income from tips like most of their counterparts in other pockets of the service industry, it is a rarity for bartenders to sit out a shift even on public holidays. With a salutation served Extra Cold, it therefore is timeous to have a Castle Lite at the nearest watering hole because with each draught bought, a R5 tip automatically goes towards our bar staff on Worker's Day.


Castle Lite is set to activate the Tips on Tap initiative at more than 300 outlets country wide, where for every 500ml draught sold, the brand will donate R5 per glass towards a bartender's fund. With technology fitted in each draught tap, they will know exactly how much each bartender will be paid out. Tips on Tap managed to raise just over R600 000 in 2022. Now in its second year running, in 2023 the bar is set at R1 million.

To shift gears this year, the big salute to bartenders is a challenge presented to two high profile CASTLE LITE ADVOCATES to get them to nominate their favourite bartender and swap lives for a day. After rigorous training, the talent will put their bartending skills to the test on a chosen evening, surprising lucky consumers. Each influencer will exchange skills for a day with his/her favourite nominated bartender

and document it publicly. The respective personalities will give their bartender the opportunity to experience a day in their life and we will capture these experiences to personalise and celebrate these men and women. Bartenders will upskill the talent, who will work behind the counter for that day and serve draught to their followers and the influencers will challenge their followers to do the same and win.

“At Castle Lite we hold the Bartending community in high esteem. These individuals are literally the conduit between our product and our consumer, custodians of a great experience with our beer. We applaud and support their invaluable service as stakeholders to a sector that significantly contributes to South Africa’s GDP. We are grateful and immensely proud to initiate the Tips On Tap campaign once again to raise funds that will impact the livelihoods of this deserving community” says Brad Raasch, Castle Lite Brand Manager.

Whilst spreading enjoyment to consumers, Castle Lite's Tips on Tap Bartender Exchange is on gear to Lite'n up Worker's Day by giving a hearty cheer to Bartenders around South Africa as deserving heroes and heroines.

Have any drink you want this Workers’ Day Weekend, as long as its Castle Lite draught because we’re tipping the bar staff for everyone ordered. Valid for the full Workers Day Weekend (27 April – 1 May). Visit to find participating outlets

The Tips on tap experiences will be documented and posted across socials via curated videos on Instagram/Facebook Live.


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