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One of the world’s leading Scotch whisky brands has ignited the summer by bringing a big flavour experience to the popular Camps Bay shores from the 28th and ends on the 30th of December. This experience comes fully equipped with splash pools, exclusive Johnnie Walker hospitality designed to elevate the spicy, the fruity; the smoky; the sweet; and all things Johnnie Walker cocktails.

In anticipation of the experience, we got up close and personal with radio and TV presenter, Teboho Tsotetsi better known as FRESHBYCADDY to find out to find out what he’ll be up to this holiday season and of course, how he’ll be sipping it up.

We asked him questions to understand what makes the perfect drink or cocktail for them, and how he plans on mixing it up at Flavacation.

What key ingredient do you look for when choosing a cocktail?

I’m going to need my Elderflower Cordial, Ice, Johnnie Walker with my sliced lemons and a mint spring.

What’s your flavour? Sweet, sour, bitter or spicy?

Sweet and sour depends on the mood

What’s your go to drink?

Mostly it has to be a Johnnie Walker whisky sour.

What spirit do you enjoy most? Whisky, vodka, brandy or gin?

Of course, Whisky

You’re making a drink to impress your guests, what drink are you preparing for them?

Johnnie & peach it’s always a fresh drink for my guests everybody loves where sparkling iced tea meets fiery whisky for a peach cocktail that one won’t forget

Flavourcation is an exciting installation, what can guests expect and how do guest get to attend?

Guests can look forward to be treated to all kinds of delicious Johnnie Walker cocktails, amazing food, and even rub shoulders with the coolest people.

To make sure you are part of the action sign up on the link for full access to the event and who knows you will be joining me for a good time and not a long time.

Follow the brand conversation with Johnnie Walker this festive season. Please visit the brand website as well as our social media pages - Instagram: @johnniewalkersa or use the hashtags #KeepWalkingSA


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